Unravelling the Mysteries of Methylation


Unravelling the Mysteries of Methylation, presented by Warren Maginn, consists of two 1.5 hour webinar recordings. It covers the basics of methylation plus the appropriate treatment for Methylation issues.

(Presented 2015)

Part 1

Warren Maginn discusses the relevance of Methylation to health, which disease states have a substantial link to Methylation (inc. CFS and Lymes), and how are Oxidation, Detoxification and Methylation inextricably linked.

Part 2

Warren Maginn discusses the significance of certain gene results to Oxidation, Detoxification & Methylation capacity, as well as which solutions provide effective and appropriate treatment of Methylation issues.

Discussing Answers to the following questions:

  • What exactly is Methylation?
  • What is the relevance of Methylation to health?
  • Which disease states have a substantial link to Methylation? (inc. CFS and Lymes)
  • How are Oxidation, Detoxification and Methylation inextricably linked?
  • What is the difference between different methyl nutrients?
  • What are some problems with methyl nutrients?
  • How does genetics work to influence our health?
  • What is the significance of certain gene results to Oxidation, Detoxification & Methylation capacity?
  • What are some common pitfalls in the assessment of Methylation Status?
  • What are some lesser-known solutions for accurately assessing Methylation Status?
  • What pitfalls exist in the effective treatment of Methylation issues?
  • Which solutions provide effective and appropriate treatment of Methylation issues?
  • What health parameters stand to benefit from successfully achieving optimised Methylation?

Length: 120 minutes
Presenter: Warren Maginn
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
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