Dr. Debbie Hamilton

Understanding the Role of Mast Cells in Chronic Disease


In this 55 minute webinar Dr Debby Hamilton discusses how mast cells play a key role in perpetuating disease by systemically activating the immune system and strategies for how to identify and treat mast cell activation.

Awareness of mast cell activation as a component of chronic disease is increasing. Previously, mast cells were thought to function primarily in allergies. Yet, allergic antigens binding to IgE are only one mechanism of activating mast cells. Environmental factors from toxic chemicals to infections including dysbiosis can cause a release of mast cells. Recent research is discovering how mast cells play a key role in perpetuating disease by systemically activating the immune system. Abnormal activation of the mast cells can trigger an ongoing release of inflammatory mediators contributing to the cycle of chronic disease. Identifying and treating mast cell activation syndrome as a part of disease treatment can help patients recover more quickly. Research has shown evidence for herbs that can inhibit mast cell activation and decrease blocking of histamine to its receptor. With mast cell activation overlapping with inflammation, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction, treatment protocols focusing on these pathologies can create a strong comprehensive program for targeting chronic disease.


  1. Understand the symptoms associated with activated mast cells and how to diagnose mast cell issues
  2. Discuss mast cells location and function in the immune system
  3. Learn about abnormal mast cell activation from infections, inflammation, and toxins
  4. Describe the role that mast cells play in the underlying pathology of chronic disease including digestive issues, infections, and degenerative diseases such as autism
  5. Learn about natural herbal treatments for inhibiting mast cell activation and blocking the histamine receptor
  6. Discuss a comprehensive treatment approach to chronic disease that targets mast cell activation, inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and glutathione depletion

(Presented 2019)
Length: 55 minutes
Presenter: Dr. Debby Hamilton
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