SIBO Test Sharon Erdrich

SIBO Testing


In this 66 minute webinar Sharon Erdrich will cover why you should test for SIBO, interpretation, SIBO and its associated conditions and how to choose between the different types of SIBO tests available.

The Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) test is an easy and non-invasive breath test that is used to diagnose SIBO. After a 24 hr preparatory diet, the patient consumes a solution of either lactulose or glucose and breathes into a tube every 15-20 minutes depending on substrate used. This captures  breath gas, including any methane and/or hydrogen. If produced in the small intestine, gas changes over the testing period can determine if a patient has SIBO. The test results can also aid the practitioner in choosing the most appropriate treatment strategies.

In this webinar Sharon will discuss;

  • Why test for SIBO
  • Test interpretation using case studies
  • SIBO and its associated conditions
  • The different types of SIBO tests available
  • How to choose which test substrate to use (glucose or lactulose)

(Presented 2018)
Length: 66 minutes
Presenter: Sharon Erdrich
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
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