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Methylation & Mitochondrial Health


What you’ll learn:
• Role of Methylation and impact of MTHFR SNP’s on patient management
• Assessment of key factors that impact mitochondrial energetic pathways
• Identifying patients with deficient methylation processes and effective treatment strategies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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(Presented 2015)
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the worlds leading MTHFR and Methylation specialists – Carolyn Ledowsky

Methylation is the ability of the body to create a methyl group and its use as a master regulatory switch to drive key biochemical processes in the body. Methylation is essential for neurotransmitter synthesis, detoxification, hormone synthesis, glutathione production and the citric acid cycle (energy cycle). As health practitioners we like to think that we treat the cause rather than the symptoms, however we often fall into the trap of using bandaids when it comes to mitochondrial health. We work on the adrenals and cortisol production but the real cause is the inability of the body to create important phospholipids that support cellular health and energy. The existence of viruses and bacteria
produces toxic metabolites that upsets the methylation cycle and further disturbs homeostasis.

Length: 205 minutes
Presenter: Carolyn Ledowsky
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