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KBMO Food inflammation testing


Available in NZ from October!

In this 30 minute webinar, Medical Director of KBMO Dr Joel Evans dives into food inflammation testing (FIT) methodology and how KBMO achieves accurate and reliable FIT reports.

KBMO is one of the few breakthrough labs to measure Complement, acquiring a more complete look at the patient’s reaction level compared to IgG testing alone. It can increase the inflammatory potential of a food by 1000 to 10,000 fold – making it highly relevant in food inflammation testing.


  • Inflammation as a root cause of chronic conditions and frustrating symptoms
  • How food sensitivities are established
  • The importance of C3d testing and how the KBMO test looks for that molecule
  • What steps KBMO takes to ensure valid, reliable and reproducible results

Length: 30 minutes
Presenter: Dr Joel Evans, MD
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