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Estrogen Metabolism: Start to Finish


In this 60 minute webinar, Dr Tara Scott reviews the phases of estrogen metabolism, discusses epigenetic effects on estrogen metabolism, examine suboptimal estrogen detoxification and ways to improve it and present case studies.

The breakdown and excretion of estrogens is an extremely complicated process and a wide range of factors can influence it. Metabolism of estrogen occurs in several areas of the body, most frequently in the liver and gastrointestinal tissues.

Beneficial modulation of estrogen metabolism can often be accomplished through dietary and lifestyle modifications such as increasing fibre and reducing fat, supplementing with phytoestrogen, losing weight, and exercising more. Unhealthy estrogen metabolism is often to blame for estrogen-related diseases and conditions.

 In this complimentary webinar, Dr Scott will:

  • Review the phases of estrogen metabolism
  • Discuss epigenetic effects on estrogen metabolism
  • Examine suboptimal estrogen detoxification and ways to improve it
  • Present cases with estrogen metabolism

(Presented 2020)
Length: 60 minutes
Presenter: Dr Tara Scott
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