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Crucial Strategies for Balancing the Immune Response


In this 60 minute webinar, immunology expert, Dr Samuel Yanuck will discuss understanding and modulating T Cell Polarization.

Crucial Strategies for Balancing the Immune Response: Understanding and Modulating T Cell Polarization

T cells are a critical component of the adaptive immune system. By producing cytokines and influencing immunological processes, different T cell subtypes (e.g., Th1, Th2, Th17, Treg and others) help direct the immune response to address different microbial threats. Understanding and modulating the formation of T cell subtypes is crucial for clinical success in patients with an immune response towards self-tissue. In this webinar, Dr. Samuel Yanuck will explain how to:

  1. Recognize clues in your patients’ histories, symptoms and labs
  2. Map these clues into a picture of their T cell polarization patterns
  3. Apply appropriate clinical strategies

(Presented 2018)
Length: 60 minutes
Presenter: Dr. Samuel Yanuck
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