DDI Dr David Quig

Advances in Microbiome Testing and a Review of Heavy Metal Testing (AUCKLAND AUDIO RECORDING)


This 3 hour seminar recording Dr David Quig covers an exploration of the gut microbiome and different testing methodology used for Stool Analysis in general.  DDI’s latest technological advancements resulting in the launch of their new GI-360 Stool Test and an overview of Heavy Metal toxicity testing is also covered.

Topics covered in this 200 minute seminar recording include:

✓ Exploration of the gut microbiome
✓ PCR vs Culture – is one really better than the other?
✓ Is all PCR created equal?
✓ What about next gen sequencing?
✓ Is GIT chemistry important?
✓ Best methodology for detecting parasites
✓ Scientific Notations – how do DDi simplify them?
✓ How to get the best outcomes for your patients
✓ Learn why metal toxicity is often missed
✓ Review optimum clinical methods for detecting various types of toxins
✓ Explore the science behind clinical treatment methods for toxicity
✓ Gain interesting insights from intriguing toxicity case studies
✓ Q & A with Dr Quig

(Presented 2019)
Length: 200 minutes
Presenter: Dr David Quig
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
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