Enterosgel Explained

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Enterosorbents are not well understood through Australasia, yet they are widely used through Eastern Europe as a primary self-care remedy for eczema, poisonings, hangovers, and gastroenteritis. Used since ancient times sorbent compounds have been swallowed to help detoxification though the gut so this concept is not new, however thanks to innovative scientific methods, the selectivity of what modern enterosorbents bind to, and other characteristics make enterosorbents an invaluable addition to your gut health care plan.

In this webinar Susan will discuss;

  • The history of Enterosorbents and the development of Enterosgel
  • Mechanism of Enterosorbent action
  • Unique properties of Enterosgel
  • Enterosgel’s broad scope of applications in the research
  • Dosing information and useful clinical tips
  • There will be time for Q and A at the end
Dr. Susan Walker
Course By

Dr. Susan Walker